Tolkien Online
February 24, 2001

Security Even the FBI Should Be Proud Of
Staff Reporter

I have not been able to confirm or deny the following. I wanted to pass it along anyway. It seems a bit harsh, but not out to the realm of possibility.

"In a bid to thwart would be saboteur and spies, Games Workshop has undertaken some extreme measures to protect its new franchise "Lord of the Rings" from falling into the wrong hands and thus getting images out before the movies release at Christmas this year. A special area of the Design Studio has been set aside just for the designers who are working on this project and they are all locked into a small room with no phone or internet access, a couple of computers and even a keypad on the door with a code that is changed daily. All the events that transpire in this safe room ( too protect New Line Cinema's high investment) will be monitored via a series of CCTV cameras and anyone working on this project will be subject to the most intense security ever seen in a games company. "