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February 24, 2001

Leo's Middle Earth Play-by-Mail Game

J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" is the definitive fantasy novel of all time. It is also an epic work of mythological literature, one of the best pieces of fiction within the last century. Yet Middle-earth is not a "mere" fantasy kingdom, it is a living, breathing place; a dream outside of our reality and yet so akin to it that we cannot help but feel connected.

Have you ever wanted to step inside Middle-earth? Have you ever wished -- if only for a moment -- that you could talk with Bilbo over tea? That you could explore the tomb of a Barrow-wight? That you could see the deep, beautiful sadness in the eyes of Elves?

This is your chance. Come and wander under the stars of a forgotten time, before the land was changed and before the beauty of the Elder days was lost forever.

Sing songs in Rivendell, taste the ale of Bree, wander upon the desolate plains of Gorgoroth in Mordor, under the watchful, ever-present Eye of the Dark Lord.

Come, fight the Shadow that stretches out across the West. It is the time of the valiant to rise again and perform great deeds. One story has already been told, but there are countless others.

Join the tale, my fellow travelers. Colonize the dream.


        1. You must be  familiar with the source material (i.e. you have to have read LotR).
        2. The game will be entirely freeform and will take place during the time of "The Lord of the Rings," (i.e. when Frodo sets out from Hobbiton) and perhaps even beyond its end.
        3. When we get around to creating characters we won't be using people from the books unless they were a minor character, and even then I'll have to be convinced.
        4. A writing sample will be required, please include it when you apply for the game. I want this PBEM to be of the most excellent quality, so good creative writing skills are a must.
        5. Space will be limited.

You can contact us at: