February 27, 2001

'Eomer' Sick Over 'The Price of Milk'
Staff Reporter

"I’d love to say it was fantastic and wonderful, but I vomited," Urban admits. "I liked it the first five or ten minutes, but then, after that, there was just the smell. It would be in your hair for days. I’ve gone to counseling to combat this phobia I have now for milk."

If there’s a movie in this, [co-star Danielle]Cormack has the title: Lactose Intolerance. It was she who suggested The Price of Milk be called The Udder Woman.

This eccentric comedy is about a young couple who run a dairy farm fraught with surprises. Many of the surprises, say the cast, were authentic because writer-director Harry Sinclair presented them script pages the day they were shot.

This also prepared Urban well for his first Hollywood epic, The Lord of the Rings, which practiced the same flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants technique.

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