Sean Astin Online
February 28, 2001

Meeting Sean Astin
Jessica Peace

"Comparing Sean to Sam Gamgee... kind of tough. He was kind and gentle like Sam but Sean loves to be in the limelight I think. When all the celebs were on stage he was joking with them and drawing attention to himself (not in an obnoxious way, just in a fun and playful way). That’s something I can’t imagine Sam doing. So in that respect they’re very different. I can see Sam’s loyalty to Frodo in Sean’s loyalty to his family though..."

"When he said to me, 'I'd like you to meet my family,' I replied 'I'd love to, I hear your family has another star in the making' (He gave me a questioning look) so I said 'I hear Ali get's to play Elanor in LOTR.' He said, 'Yes that's right, that's exactly right!, how did you know that?' He seemed surprised that I knew that little known fact. I told him that I read it on IMDB and that I'd been following his career for 15 years. He said he felt very lucky that he could have his family with him during the long filming."

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