March 31, 2001

Theater Posters Arrived Yesterday
Matthew Bass

Well, well. New Line came through on their promise to send me copies of the new Fellowship theater posters! The posters arrived yesterday and they are absolutely spectacular. I've never really displayed posters in my room before, but I'm going out today to buy a frame for one of these to hang it.

1st Edition2nd Edition

It looks like there are 4 poster versions so far. There is the 1st edition poster, which shows Frodo looking at you. The 2nd edition has Frodo looking down at the Ring. There are double sided versions of these two posters as well, that have a printing on the back of the Ring. When these double sided posters are backlit, the Ring appears to glow, which is a really cool feature.

New Line sent me the single sided copes of the 1st and 2nd edition posters. The double sides are going on eBay for $35 (1st edition) to $70 (2nd edition). A link to some of the auctions are below, in case you want to bid on a copy.

According to my sources, posters featuring the entire Fellowship are going to be released. Anyway, just thought some of you would be interested in this.