April 13, 2001

Some Cool Site Changes
Matthew Bass

I'll discuss the coolest change first. I am proud to announce that we have acquired the domain name! We're not going to be offering free e-mail at it, but it is another cool way to get to this site.

Second announcement. The site is in the process of being renamed to I figured that since that's what most people are already calling it, it might as well change. is more memorable than plain old LOTR Movie Site anyway. So change your link names!

(The title graphics on the home page will most likely stay the same, unless someone volunteers to change them all for me, or design a new logo.)

That's all the news for now. Oh, one last item. I'd like to encourage you to visit our message board. Some recent changes have been made to the board, including assigning moderators and adding a feature that allows users to post polls and receive feedback from other message board users. The conversation is always interesting there, too, so take a look around.

As always, I remain your humble webmaster, Matthew.