April 15, 2001

Lord of the Rings Toys and More
Staff Reporter

I am Greenleaf, webmaster of Elostirion, the French LotR Movie News site. I've come by some pics of LotR-related merchandise, and I'm sure this represents about 2% of the stuff they'll have to sell. After all, where's the official LotR backscratcher?

There are plastic swords and bows for kids (crappy- looking), flip-top watches (plastic), figurines (very nice, those), pack sacks and... marbles. A set of marbles. The first pic can be found here

and you can access the rest from there. If you're interested to post these I would be most grateful if you'd link to the page instead of reproducing the jpegs. Those are exclusive pics, sent to me by "some guy".

I hope you find this of interest.