Empire Online
April 19, 2001

Arwen Speaks
Staff Reporter

Sweeping through London for the opening of One Night At McCools, radiant starlet Liv Tyler took the time to share a few choice words with Empire Online about her recently completed turn in a little production called The Lord of The Rings.

“We’re all done now. It’s amazing I just can’t wait to see it,” she told us, “‘cause there’s so much stuff that I haven’t seen yet and so many things that will be added in that I wasn’t a part of. I’m really anxious to see how it all turns out.”

Playing the role of Arwen, half-elven daughter of Elrond and wife of king Aragorn, Tyler took some time to get into the whole Tolkien mythology. “I had never read the books before I was actually offered the part, which I felt a little bit of an ignoramus about. But I have read the books and I know absolutely everything now.”

Appreciating the sheer size of the fan-base surrounding the Rings mythology and the critical eye with which puritan followers will be eying the film, Tyler is firmly optimistic that it will live up to expectations. “I think everybody’s really questioning that but I think it’s going to be absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen some footage and I was so blown away, by the performances more than anything - because none of us will see the effects until the movie’s completed. But Peter Jackson is a wonderful director and all of the people involved were perfectly cast to play those parts and I think that will really come across.”

Finally, having been told of the joys of elven ears by Cate Blanchett, Empire Online simply had to enquire whether Tyler managed to keep hold of her set as well. “No because they’re gelatine, they melt. I had one on the dashboard of my car for, like, a week and then it was gone."