April 27, 2001

Liv Tyler Talks Rings on Conan O'Brien
Matthew Bass

I woke this morning to find my inbox flooded with around 8 messages informing me that Liv Tyler had an interview on Conan O'Brien's show last night! According to these spies, she did discuss Lord of the Rings for a little bit. I know you all probably want to hear it. I have some people working on getting a clip.

Scott: Just wanted to alert you that Liv Tyler was on Conan O'Brien tonight promoting One Night at McCool's and they chatted a bit about LOTR. Conan was surprised when she said she played an elf considering her height, but she corrected him that elves in Tolkien's world are very tall, and that at 5'10" she was a short elf. Conan mentioned that she had to speak a whole new language, Elvish, and persuaded her to speak a line! She commented how even though she'll forget her name sometimes she'll never forget her Elvish lines. Even though she thought she might get in trouble for speaking any Elvish before the first movie comes out, she spoke a line anyway, breaking into laughter at the end of it and putting her hand over her mouth. I must say, it sounded unbelievable! It was very melodic and it flowed very well, just like you'd expect to hear Elvish spoken. It sounded very believable as a language, and not at all like gibberish. Conan commented that it sounded beautiful, very much like Gaelic to him. Just thought you guys would like to know.

Leonides: Liv Tyler was on Conan O'Brien last night and she spoke of Lotr! I took the liberty of transcribing this for you.

I heard Liv Tyler was going to be on Conan O'Brien tonight, so I decided to watch. I know she's been going around to ALL the major talk shows to promote her new movie, One Night at McCools. Unfortunately, there has been nary a word on our beloved Lord of the Rings movies.

Thus, I wasn't expecting anything.

So Liv walked out and I was immediately struck by her beauty... she looked REALLY good. And my first thought was, "Wow... maybe she DOES resemble Luthien."

She started to talk to Conan and she was very pleasant and nice, laughing a lot. And the more she talked, the more I realize how stupid the XenArwen rumors were. She's no warrior princess.

Anyway, Conan asked her a question to the effect of, "Are you used to all the reviews that will come out after this movie [McCools]? You've been doing films for so long."

She responded, "I actually haven't had a film out in a couple of years because of been doing Lord of the Rings in New Zealand forever."


But then the interview drifted again, and I felt my hopes drop. Suddenly, Conan comes right out and says it: "So tell me about the Lord of the Rings. You're shooting all three movies at once?"

LIV: No, we're done shooting, actually.


LIV: Yes. It was kinda smart actually, because it really helped the actors stay in character. It was an amazing experience.

CONAN: And who do you play?

LIV: I'm an elf princess named Arwen.

CONAN: Aren't you a little tall to be an elf?

LIV: No, actually. In Tolkien's world the elves are incredibly tall and beautiful. There is something alien about them. I was short for an elf, and I'm 5 foot 10!

CONAN: So elves are tall?

LIV: Yeah.

CONAN: I see, and in Tolkiens world giants are knee-hi and run around? I heard you had to speak a different language?

LIV: Yeah, elvish, it's called.

CONAN: Elvis?

LIV: [imitates Elvis's voise] No, baby, elvish. I can sometimes barely remember my name, but I remember ALL my elvish lines.

CONAN: I see. Could you give us a demonstration?

LIV: [hesitates] I could get into trouble for this...

CONAN: Trouble?

LIV: Yeah... [suddenly she breaks into a line or two of elvish, spoken very fludily and beautifully... at the end she laughs]

CONAN: Wow. Sounds very gaelic, almost.

LIV: Yeah.