April 30, 2001

Message Board... Now With No Advertising
Matthew Bass

I have some exciting developments to announce! Thanks to the generosity of some of the members of our message board, we have been able to purchase a CSC Gold membership for the board from ezBoard. This means that, among other things, there will be NO advertisements whatsoever on the board from now on! No banners, no pop-ups, no nothing. Everyone is free to post in peace now.

In addition, several new features have been implemented on the board. One of these is the ability for users to view who else is online on the message board with them... in real time. Even if you're not interested in our new ad-free board, I'd like to encourage you to drop by and read some threads. Our board is regarded by many to be the best moderated Tolkien community on the Internet, with intelligent posters and no flaming, and with insiders like Leonides on the board, you're guaranteed to learn something new about the films that hasn't been posted on the home page. So join us, or not, as you please!