May 20, 2001

New Fellowship Trailer to be Released Soon

Along with a spy report a few weeks ago, and a new poster over at the TORN message board (who sounds quite reputable), we have a pretty good idea of what the next trailer is going to look like. I must say that the last teaser trailer was a disappointment, mostly because of its length. However, this one is reportedly awesome, so let's hope it will be out next Friday like the reports suggest.

Here's what we'll get to see:

1. The length is going to be about 2:30 -- still a teaser, but about 45 seconds longer then the previous two.

2. Supposedly the music should be at least partially Howard Shore's score.

3. Flashing text that describes the Ring and its powers. A glimpse of Mount Doom.

4. We open with a scenic landscape (an aerial shot of a forest with a river running through it), and then cut to Gandalf. He seems very old and tired -- and maybe a little frightened. He asks Frodo if the Ring is safe.

5. Gandalf entering Bag End at night, panicking.
6. Some glimpses of the Council at Rivendell.
7. Some more dialog (wooo hooo! ;)). Specifically:

The Council of Elrond

Boromir declaring that, "The Ring is a gift from the Enemy. Let us use it against him!" To which Aragorn responds, "No one can wield the Ring."

Gandalf's Voice Over

Gandalf telling Frodo (in a voice over) that, if Sauron found the Ring he would, "Cover all the lands in a second darkness." And also that, "He is seeking it, and all his thought is bent on it."

The Mines of Moria

The Fellowship is in Moria. Frodo mutters, "There's something down there," -- then we hear Gollum's voice hiss, "Precioussss, gollum!" (Oh man, I can't wait for that!

Aragorn to Frodo

Aragorn asks him if he's afraid of the Black Riders, Frodo replies, "Yes," to which Aragorn says, "Not nearly enough." (this sounds familiar -- is it in the books?)
8. A couple of shots from the party in the Shire. We see Gandalf's Smaug firework scare some poor Hobbits!

9. Arwen / Frodo being chased by the Ringwraiths -- an aerial view.

10. We see the Fellowship rowing their boats down the Anduin.

11. Galadriel face-to-face with Frodo.

12. A close-up of the Ring, with "The One Ring" fire runes quite visible.

12. A very brief shot of the Moria Orcs crawling down the pillars.

There is a lot of battle scenes mixed in -- though of what I'm not sure.

Also, there are supposedly a lot of other brief shots which were hard to catch (don't you hate that about trailers?) -- this is when Quicktime will come in REAL handy!

All in all it sounds VERY promising! Boy I can't wait for this one!

P.S. This was not presented in chronological order as it will appear in the trailer!