Tolkien Online
May 29, 2001

The Tolkien Weekend at Sarehole Mill
Julie Beth

It was a fun outing, indeed.

First of all, I didn't even know this mill was still standing, let alone functioning. Had I known, I would have gone two years ago when we first got here.

Sarehole Mill is a pleasant little museum/mill located in what is now a suburban development just south of Birmingham. There was all sorts of information on the mill itself (there has been a mill on the site for 450 years!) and on milling in general. We learned lots!

There was a sandy-haired miller giving talks and answering questions, but I didn't have the nerve to ask if his name was Ted! The mill was actively grinding, but we couldn't take any flour away, as the mill is not sanctioned by the health inspector. There were also displays of old farming and milling equipment. Even without the Tolkien tie-in it would have been worth a look.

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