July 3, 2001

The Latest News From Mithril
Adam Dawson

In line with the conversion to the Euro on January the 1st 2002 the Irish Punt will no longer be legal tender. In order to be ready for this we are converting all our priceing to Euros.

From August 1st our prices will be converted to the euro and adjusted to reflect the years currency fluctuations and changes of costs. If you wish to order at the old price please get your orders in before August 1st.

The new price lists will be appearing on the web site after August 1st. To aid customers with the conversion to the new currency we will be introducing a shopping basket to the web site which will give currency conversions and make ordering easier.

The next figures in the Lord of the Rings series from Mithril LR31 to LR35 "From Bree to Rivendell Part 1" will are now available you can see photographs of these figures on They should now be in the shops.

Also from Prince August our next release "Napoleon Bonaparte on horse back" 80-18, we have a photograph on our web site. You can see this on We expect to be releasing these moulds at the end of July. To ensure early delivery we are now accepting pre-orders.