July 5, 2001

Regarding Gimli Destroying the Ring

There was a question brought up in the debate section that I can answer. It concerns what John Rhys-Davies said about his character (Gimli) and his interraction with the Ring.

It has been confirmed by a few sources that Gimli will swing at the Ring while it rests on the plinth at the Council of Elrond. It is uncertain whether he will strike the Ring, or if he will find himself unable to carry through with it. Also, it should be noted that this scene was not in the original shooting script, which means it was a late addition by Peter Jackson.

Since Rhys-Davies also makes mention of the fact that each film would be 3 hours and 20 minutes long if Jackson got his way, there is very little certainty on whether or not this particular scene will be in the final version or not. Yes, it was shot... but that means next to nothing.