July 6, 2001

Lord of the Rings FX Farmed Out?
Frank Kurtz

Third party special effects studios may be aiding in rush to bring FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING in on time.

It isn't all that unusual to hear that any given special effects heavy Hollywood movie production is having their FX needs handled by more than one source in order to bring the project in on time... and the first film of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy appears to be no exception.

According to unnamed sources checking in with, though WETA is continuing to handle the lion's share of the project's FX needs, three other studios have come to the plate to provide support. The site reports that Digital Domain (TITANIC), Animal Logic (THE MATRIX) and a smaller New Zealand based firm called Oktober are all pitching in to finish FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING in on time to make its December release date.

It should be noted that none of the three operations, WETA or New Line have confirmed the three studios' participation on the project.