The Evening Post
July 30, 2001

Special Request Made for Noisy Jet to Visit Wellington
Staff Reporter

Lord Of The Rings production company Three Foot Six Ltd has applied for consent to bring a Gulfstream III jet to Wellington International Airport 10 times in the next 30 months.

The company's application to Wellington City Council says the jet would bring New Line Cinema executives to Wellington "to assess their investment in the Lord Of The Rings project".

New Line is financier of the $650 million movie trilogy, now in post-production, based at Miramar.

"The ability of key personnel to fly directly into Wellington will enhance the production of the film by providing efficiency and greater flexibility in terms of meeting tight timeframes," the application says.

The jet has already visited Wellington twice this year, in connection with the trilogy. New Line gave three Miramar schools donations of $5000 each after it got special permission for the landings.

Resource consent is needed for the landings because it isn't one of the aircraft types allowed to land at the airport.

The exact dates of the visits aren't yet known, but two more visits are likely this year, and four in both 2002 and 2003, when the trilogy should be completed.

The landings and departures will take place between 7am and 10pm. A noise assessment says the jet's noise will be slightly more than a Boeing 737 and less than a Boeing 727.

No noise complaints followed the previous visits.

The council is seeking public submissions on the application by August 20.

The application can be seen at WCC's Wakefield St office or the central, Miramar and Kilbirnie libraries.