Chalk Farm Gallery
July 30, 2001

Nasmith Exhibition at Chalk Farm Gallery
Staff Reporter

Chalk Farm Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of the work of world-renowned Tolkien artist, Canadian born Ted Nasmith. Following the unprecedented success of our previous three Nasmith exhibitions we are proud to be able to present Ted_s latest body of work as well as some older paintings that have previously remained unseen.

Ted Nasmith has worked on many Tolkien publications including _The Lord of the Rings_ trilogy and has had full calendars of his art commissioned by Harper Collins. The 2002 Tolkien calendar _The Fellowship of the Ring_ is out now, and these original paintings will form part of his exhibition. He is currently working on the 2003 _The Two Towers_ and the 2004 _The Return of the King_. Ted was the sole illustrator of the recently released _The Silmarillion_, and perhaps his greatest accolade was the approval given to his work by Tolkien himself before his death.

Not only will Nasmith be in here in the UK for the exhibition, but at the opening he will be teaming up with musician Casper Reiff to present a selection of songs inspired by the author. With the release of the film in December this is the last chance to view the work of an artist who leads the field before the Tolkien bandwagon gets rolling.

Ted Nasmith_s mastery at visualising Tolkien_s prose has captivated an audience far greater than we could ever have imagined. His paintings have inherited the books dynamics, power and mythological intent which has led to his established career as a Tolkien interpreter.