August 15, 2001

Wood Hasn't Read the Rings Trilogy
Kyle Brandybuck

I just got back from lunch and I looked at the new "Premiere" magazine, with Elijah Wood on the cover. No new pics (except out-of-costume shots of Wood).

What struck me was a paragraph stating that the pressure is on for these flicks since the fans have been scouring the net - criticizing the details. The interviewer asks himself what will happen when the fans find out Wood hasn't read the entire trilogy, even though the books (according to Wood) "became a huge part of my life while I was on the set". It was then stated that Wood did read "The Hobbit" when he was nine. In an attempt to answer the interviewer's own question, Wood contemplates the reaction, bows his head, and says, "I'll be crucified."


I'm not sure what I think about this. First of all, I haven't even read the entire trilogy. I've read FOTR, and I'm reading it again with my wife (her first time). We plan on reading through the rest of them before their movies come out.

I think this would make a great Site Poll question: "How much of the LOTR trilogy have you actually read?"

You might be surprised.