Herr Der Ringe
August 21, 2001

InQuest Bits Regarding Rings Footags
Staff Reporter

Boromirs Knappe sent in this description of (spoiler) scenes and the scan of Games-Workshop-miniatures

InQuest was fortunate enough to see some exclusive footage from the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Here are some of the cooler moments:

- The Ringwraiths chase the hobbits out of the Shire. At one point, the hobbits huddle under a grassy embankment. A Black Rider scans for them, its skeletal hand gripping the moss near Frodo's hidden face.

- Aragorn rips through orcs, sword flying, at the battle of Pelennor Fields. Orcs roll huge catapults, armed with giant fireballs, into position against Minas Tirith.

- Sam slashes at orcs on the steps of Cirith Ungol. He guts one orc, tosses it over the edge and mutters: "That one's for the Gaffer."

- In the heart of Mount Doom, Frodo struggles with the Ring. Volcanic light plays with his face as he vows never to destroy the Ring and slips it on his finger."

(Thanks Boromirs Knappe!)