August 22, 2001

What Happened to the Script Excerpts?
Matthew Bass

Sorry, folks, but the powers that be at New Line have spoken. Gordon Paddison e-mailed me this morning and said that Peter Jackson didn't want those script excerpts posted on the site here. On the one hand, it's exciting to know that Jackson has actually visited this site. On the other hand, it's disappointing that he couldn't have been cooler about what are, in the end, microscopic tidbits of his entire story, and seriously, the release date is months away.

I want to apologize to New Line and Peter for posting the script excerpts in such a hasty fashion, but I truly believed that it would be all right with them, and since they rarely answer my e-mails (except when I do something wrong) I didn't want to take the time to check it out with them. Apparently, I lost my gamble. Again, I'm sorry that I had to take the script excerpts down.