September 5, 2001

Film Changes Out of the 2002 Rings Calendar
Matthew Bass

Michae S. has apparently been able to determine once and for all what some of the film changes will be. He used his 2002 Lord of the Rings calendar.

This is what he deduced:

Gimli does try to destroy the ring at the council.
July 9, 2002

Merry and Pippin do steal veggies from farmer Maggot.

March 15, 2002

The hobbits do get their swords from Aragorn.

July 18, 2002

Gandalf uses a moth to send a message to the eagles in Orthanc.

April 26, 2002

Aragorn recieves the sword Narsil in Rivendell where it dwells in the hands of a statue.

August 2, 2002

Very interesting. I can't say I like the one about Aragorn and Narsil, though. If you're interested in ordering your own 2002 Rings calendar, click here.