The Herald Sun
September 7, 2001

New Lord of the Rings Trailer on TV
Matthew Bass

I've been receiving word from many visitors that there is a new Lord of the Rings teaser trailer running on some isolated television stations.

Jesse has this to say:

THERE WAS A NEW LORD OF THE RINGS TRAILER!!  It was on MTV during the Video Music Awards.  It wasn't very long, but showed Gandalf talking more.  Different Narration.  That's about all I can remember.

Chris actually sent me a description of the trailer:

Just wanted to run this by you....I was just watching Judge Judy on NY55 in New York. There was a commercial for FOTR that I have never seen before, i.e., Gandalf saying "It must be destroyed," Sam screaming in fear, a nice shot of a troll, new orcs-charging-the-camera shots, Frodo grasping the ring out of the air (he seems to be laying on his back), etc. This was fantastic. Some of the images we've seen before, but I was surprised at the amount of fresh content. The only potential downer is I am pretty sure that I saw Liv Tyler drawing a sword or pulling back on an arrow.

It was shorter than the most recent trailer.

I don't know if I just missed this, and you guys already know about it, or whether this is new, but I am fairly sure it is new because 1. I keep up on this stuff ALOT, and 2. some of the CG images were the best we've seen so far.

I don't know if this is the new trailer that is coming out in Oct/Nov, or if it is a shortened version, or what, but let me assure you will want to see this.

The only weird thing is that NY55 is an obscure, low-budget local channel. I was flipping around during the commercials, so I may be wrong about the channel, but if it was NY55, that would be strange. I would think I would see it on a major network.

Just wanted to let you know.  Keep up the good work.

You can check out other descriptions at The Palantir.

Well, I'm eager to get a peek at this. If anyone managed to tape it or knows when it will be coming on again, please don't hesitate to contact me!