September 12, 2001

Shooting Rings
Frank Kurtz

Peter Jackson has been talking about the Herculean task of filming the LORD OF THE RINGS three films at one time.

While talking to SCIFI.COM, Jackson spoke of how he mentally tackled the three films at one time, saying, "We really haven't divided the film into three parts that much in our minds. We obviously have the three parts to release, one a year apart from each other, so in post-production we're differentiating part one [THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING], part two [THE TWO TOWERS] and part three [THE RETURN OF THE KING] very clearly. But shooting it was 14 months of continuous [production in New Zealand]."

He adds, "Like any movie, we shot out of sequence. One day we would be shooting a scene from part three, and the next day we'd be shooting something from part one. That was just pretty much the way the movie went. It was like shooting one big six-, seven-, eight-hour movie."

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