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September 12, 2001

Cannes Footage Comments
Staff Reporter

Harry here, Months ago when I was in Cannes writing up my report of the footage, I was writing upon having just seeing the reel the first time, with barely any time for thought or consideration going on… Meanwhile, my dang WEBTV connection at Cannes Froze in the middle of my review… meaning I never fully had the chance to compose my thoughts the way I like to. So I’m going to do that on top of John Robie’s review of the same footage…

I’ve seen the Cannes Footage twice now. Upon first viewing, I was with the International Press… On the second viewing with the high profile Television Journalist and the foreign Distributors of the film. On the second showing the droolalicious Miranda Otto was sitting behind me… She was in Cannes for the screenings of HUMAN NATURE, but decided to grab a chance to see this footage for herself.

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