Beleg Aderthad
September 17, 2001

El Seņor de Los Anillos: Beleg Aderthad
Staff Reporter

The organization of the Beleg Aderthad salutes you.

With this e-mail we want to present you one of the greatest events organized by Tolkien fans to celebrate the release of 'The Fellowship of the Ring', first of the three movies New Zealander director Peter Jackson has filmed adapting 'Lord of the Rings'.

It's well known that the release of this film, the 19th of December 2001, is going to be a mass media phenomenon of great size. The repercussion this release is having both in Internet and traditional media, is at this moment very important.

In many cities, groups of Tolkien fans are being organized to attend the film's release. The world of "tolkiendili" has a long experience in organizing activities related to the works of the Oxford writer, whose 'Lord of The Rings' book is a classic in world's literature. However, the intensity with which those fans are following every new related to the movies foresees those activities will multiply when approaching release's date, 19th of December and also Friday 21st.

Beleg Aderthad, which means Big Gathering, is the result of the intention of most part of these groups to coordinate the activities. By means of the web site, Spanish-speaking Tolkien's fans of every city who desire to organize or participate in some Tolkien related events in the release day are being organized, meeting each other and preparing some activities.

Today, when there are still more than 3 months left for the release date, more than 400 people are participating. We foresee that this number will arrive up to 1,000.

From web site we are coordinating all the efforts, to share ideas and resources to organize those activities. People who are interested are giving their names and location in a form and lately they are being gathered together in zones, in order to meet each other. Soon there will be issued information papers with the program of the activities in every area. In this moment are being made groups in 70 provinces within 12 different countries, in Europe and South America.

Beleg Aderthad is a coordination of Tolkien fans completely free, and has received support from the most important Tolkien associations, such as Sociedad Tolkien Espaņola, web site or different sites and forums related to Tolkien mythology.

If you wish to receive further information about the events that will come with the movie release, that will surely mark an inflexion point in the involvement of cinema-goers (and probably will overpass another media phenomenon like Star Wars- it has been overwhelmed in the internet preview), please visit our site, or ask more information in our e-mail:

You will become a witness, the release day, of how the magic of Tolkien’s world impregnates every theatre in Spanish-speaking countries.

We are waiting for you in Tolkien fans’ Big Gathering! We will see you in the Beleg Aderthad!