September 20, 2001

Help NY Firefighters at Spiderwebart
Staff Reporter

HELP us help the fallen fire fighters and EMS workers families in New York.

Spiderwebart Gallery has just purchased the entire remaining inventory of the Hildebrandtıs Special Limited, Signed, and Numbered Edition of their Tolkien art book.

There are only 620 copies left from the original print run of 1,000 pieces. We bought all of them!

As part of our effort to raise money for the families of the fallen Fire Fighters and EMS workers in New York, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt and Spiderwebart will be selling these 620 books now with a double Remarque (original sketch) instead of just the single Remarque as previously offered.

One sketch will be a Lord of the Rings image.
One sketch will be a tribute to the fallen Fire Fighters and the EMS workers in New York.


From the sale of each book will be donated directly
to the New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund. This money will go directly to the families of the fallen fire fighters and EMS personnel in New York City. Together we can make a difference!

The 1st Remarque is a tribute sketch that Greg and Tim will do to honor the Fire Fighters and EMS Workers on the FRONT end paper.

The 2nd Remarque is an original Tolkien character sketch that Greg and Tim will do on the BACK end paper of each book.

Plus $15 shipping and Handling

For those of you who do not know the book I am speaking about:

Greg & Tim Hildebrandt ­ LIMITED EDITION
Tolkien Art Book ­ Linen Slip-cased Edition!!!

Watson Guptill produced this special limited edition of the Hildebrandt art book:
Hard Cover ­ Linen ­ Slipcase ­ Linen ­ Foil Stamped on the book cover and the slip-case ­individually signed and numbered by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt.

"Greg and Tim Hildebrandt ­ The Tolkien Years"

art book ­ 132 pages ­ full color ­ includes all the paintings from their three calendars done in the Seventies, plus dozens of original sketches never seen before, plus dozens of photos from their posing sessions. There are also sections on concept sketches, and commissioned Tolkien paintings. The text was written by Gregıs son. He looks back in time when he was a child posing for his dad and uncle as the Hobbits in all of their paintings for their calendars. ALSO ­ TWO NEW PAINTINGS that were originally designed in 1978 ­ NEVER SEEN BEFORE! ALSO INCLUDES A LARGE FOLD OUT POSTER!

Go to:
And click on the icon on the home page for the New York Firefighters 911 Disaster Relieve Fund -Tolkien ???????????

Although I know that many of you have already purchased the limited edition, and I greatly appreciate your business, please consider purchasing a second one. You may have friends that would like to own a copy of this unique book. Please let them know about this effort. Spiderwebart is a small internet art gallery with an enormous desire to try and help in this tragedy. All of us here and all of you have been touched by the events of September 11th. Iım sure you have all been overwhelmed by emails of different ways to help and have already donated something. So I apologize now if this email in any way causes you additional overwhelm. My mother and brotherıs apartment is at ground zero, three blocks from the twin towers. And although they are physically OK, their trauma is horrible. I personally thank God for the Fire Fighters and EMS workers who were there to help get them out. So once more I apologize ahead of time if this email in any way causes additional overwhelm for anyone. But I feel the need to do something and this is what I can do.

If you wish to purchase one of these special books and help us help the families, go to the gallery home page at and click on the New York Fire Fighters 911 Disaster Relieve Fund ­Tolkien!