October 5, 2001

News From Around the Web
Matthew Bass

Things have been pretty quiet on the news front lately, but here are some tidbits from various quarters:

Source: Tolkien Online
Dunduin writes, "Yes Its true. In the new Computer Gaming World, they have a screenshot on pg 84 showing a big dragon type creature with purple wings called a Balrog! It looks like a dragon crossed with a salamander and a purple bat. Well lets just hope blizzard makes them powerful! I like the warcraft series anyway! Well thought the Tolkien World might like to know." Thanks, Dunduin. We think we know which screenshot you are referring to.

There's a new interview with Billy Boyd at

Lord of the Rings has received a listing on IGN's Fall's Finest Films page, along with dozens of other lesser films.

Source: Tolkien Online
Variety reports that at least five pictures will make the wide debut in the week before Christmas. Besides Fellowship of the Ring, there is Warner Brothers' Jim Carrey film The Majestic, Miramax's Meg Ryan-Hugh Jackman fantasy Kate & Leopold, 20th Century Fox's Tim Allen vehicle Joe Somebody and Paramount's kids' cartoon Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Boy, sad isn't it? So little news. We take what we can get, though!