October 8, 2001

News From Around the Web
Matthew Bass

All of a sudden, lots of LotR news is available! Here are the latest tidbits that don't warrant a news article of their own:

Tolkien Online reports that the remastered version of 2001: A Space Odyssey playing in select theaters right now is preceeded by the latest LotR trailer (the one that ran with "Angel").

"chelseagirl" at Tolkien Online has discovered a new listing at named Lord of the Rings Soundtrack. It can't be the Bakshi CD, because that already exists elsewhere. Rumor has it that this might be the FotR soundtrack. If so, the stated release date of Nov. 13th puts it a full month ahead of the theatrical release of FotR, which makes sense. The listing is here. reports that a limited supply of LotR action figures have hit the toy shelves and that they "look great". Toys-R-Us ho!

According to Billboard Magazine, Bakshi's animated LotR DVD was the thirteenth best-selling DVD last week.

Kerm Vader over at Tolkien Online has done some research regarding the music used in the LotR trailers. Click here for that.

Rumor has it that the BBC in Great Britain will be re-broadcasting their 1981 dramatized production of The Lord of the Rings starting January 2002. This BBC production is considered by many to be the best dramatization of Tolkien's work that has ever been made. It features Sir Ian Holm as Frodo.

Tolkien Online has some pics of Sarah McLeod, who plays Rosie Cotton in LotR. Take a gander by clicking here.

More coming soon!