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October 9, 2001

More FotR Script Details

Here's a conversation I had with my source tonight. Not a great deal of new stuff, but we'e starving for news. BTW, if you can think of new questions for the next time I see her online, that'd be great.


Leonides02: Look who it is? My beautiful, wonderful, most beloved source. How are you?
Source: ooo fabulous. u?
Leonides02: Alright, hanging in there. Did you catch the new trailer yet?
Source: fok yeah!!!
Source: so sweeet
Leonides02: Ain't it though? You were right about the Arwen line, except she said "claim" him and not "fetch" him like you said.
Source: hmmm...
Leonides02: You LIAR.
Leonides02: Hey, do you remember if the Warg attack was included?
Source: no, i wish there were wargs. they're cool
Leonides02: Well, there ARE wargs, but I guess not in Fellowship....
Source: really???? do tell
Leonides02: Well, apparently there will be Warg riders. The goblins who ride these wargs will be missing arms and such because they handle wargs all the time!
Source: sweeet!!!!
Leonides02: Hey, how is the moth used?
Source: erm...from my memory, its basically just a wee bit where gandalf calls a moth while he's on top of orthanc and it goes to the eagles (I THINK. dont member zactly)

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