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October 10, 2001

Even More FotR Script Details

More conversations between Leo and his secret contact. Great stuff here! The remainder of the transcript is available at Tolkien Online (link is below).

Leonides02: Did I ever tell you how much I love you.
Source: heh heh
Leonides02: I'm only saying this because I have one or two (or three) more questions...
Source: hmmm....very welll
Leonides02: lol... you really do feel powerful, don't you?
Source: extremely...
Leonides02: Do the hobbits see the light show on top of Weathertop while traveling? You know, when Gandalf was attacked?
Source: sec, lemme check
Source: no, they don't. i think his fight was cut
Leonides02: ok
Leonides02: Where is the escape of Gollum talked about?
Source: you mean the escape from mirkwood?
Leonides02: Yes
Source: its not. in the script gollum is never taken to mirkwood. its weird: if thats not there, then why does Legolas know Aragorn? must be some sort of middle-earth royalty thingee...
Leonides02: huh... where is gollum taken?
Source: hes not taken anywhere. heres what happens: gollum leaves his cave in search of the precious. he gets captured by orcs and is taken to mordor. his torture scene is shown briefly. then somehow he escapes.
Leonides02: huh... so Gandalf / Aragorn never track him or anything?
Source: nope
Leonides02: weird...

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