October 24, 2001

Decipher Unveils Product Plans for LotR
Press Release

(NORFOLK, Va., October 16, 2001) The Lord of the Rings Adventure Game,
the first of Decipheršs roleplaying games (RPGs) for New Line Cinemašs
epic adventure, The Lord of the Rings, will hit stores December 2001,
offering both RPG and movie fans the excitement and exhilaration that
Tolkienšs Hobbits, Dwarves, and Men face as they journey through the
mythic expanses of Middle-earth.

The new The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Games from Decipher transport
readers and game players alike to J.R.R. Tolkienšs wondrous world of
Middle-earth for the ultimate fantasy gaming experience. Featuring
in-depth information about the people, places, history, creatures, and
magic of Middle-earth, combined with cutting-edge graphics and game
design, these games have something to offer both gamers and Tolkien fans

"The Lord of the Rings Adventure Game is intended to help gaming novices
and Tolkien fans who are not gamers become familiar with the world of
RPGs. It will also introduce experienced gamers to the Tolkien legacy,"
shares Christian Moore, head of the Decipher RPG Studio. The Adventure Game will be followed up with a 300-page, full-color RPG core game in February 2002.

The Adventure Game includes a complete adventure narrative, Through the
Mines of Moria, drawn from The Fellowship of the Ring, the first film of
the trilogy. Players who choose to travel Through the Mines of Moria
assume the roles of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring, and relive
their dangerous and legendary adventures. Through the Mines of Moria
begins at the western doors leading into Moria, takes players through
several encounters with servants of the Shadow, and culminates with a
climactic battle against the dreaded Balrog.

When the players finally emerge through Moriašs eastern gates, they will
have fought four distinct battles, survived using their skill, wits, and
teamwork in the dark caverns of Moria, and played through the most exciting action sequence ever seen in a fantasy film.Through the Mines of Moria uses rules that are easy to understand, flexible, and fun. The instructions are designed to prepare novice gamers and Tolkien fans ages 12 and up to delve into play in less than half an hour. The Lord of the Rings Adventure Game box contains:

-- The 32-page Through the Mines of Moria adventure that takes players
through the most stunning action sequence of the film.
-- Welcome to Middle-earth, a 24-page guide to the lands and peoples of
-- What is Roleplaying, an explanation of the basic principles of
roleplaying games.
-- Full-color Character Sheets that include pictures and game data
describing each character.
-- Four full color Tactical Maps for use in the major action sequences of
the adventure.
-- Cut-outs of the characters and monsters in the adventure.
-- A Poster Map of Middle-earth.

In addition to the roleplaying games license through New Line Cinema and Tolkien Enterprises, Decipher proudly holds international licenses for The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game and The Lord of the Rings Official Fan Club. The Fellowship of the Ring is set for release by New Line Cinema on December 19, 2001. The other two films in the trilogy, The Two Towers and The Return of the King will premiere December 2002 and 2003, respectively.