October 24, 2001

JoBlo Reviews 25 Minutes of LotR Footage
Staff Reporter

Yesterday morning, I was invited to a special press screening for about 25 minutes of footage from the LORD OF THE RINGS film trilogy. You should know up front, that I have never read the books, I am not a fan of fantasy films or wizards or dwarfs, but do like director Peter Jackson and was intrigued by the film's early trailers, which looked pretty darn cool! I say all this because I like to be honest about how I feel beforehand, so that I don't get punk-asses emailing me and telling me that I have "no right" to critique something that I don't know anything about. Seeing as there are actually people out there, like me, who don't know a lot about these stories, this might be a decent introduction. Alright, enough about me...

NOTE: Being as I am not an expert on the background of these films, I asked Tuukka, a Finnish supporter of our site, and mighty big LOTR fan, to fill in some blanks every now and then. He's the EXPERT NOTES.

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