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October 31, 2001

Rings Actor: It'll Be the Biggest Film of All Time
Paul Cantin

TORONTO -- Veteran actor John Rhys-Davies is taking a page from baseball legend Babe Ruth in predicting the commercial prospects of the upcoming film adaptation of "Lord Of The Rings."

Like Ruth, Rhys-Davies is calling his own shot, confidently declaring that the first installment of Peter Jackson's adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy will, metaphorically speaking, score the biggest home-run in motion picture history.

"'Lord Of The Rings' is going to be the most successful film of all time," Rhys-Davies declares in his booming baritone, while holding court with reporters in Toronto to promote the opening of the "Journey To Middle-Earth" exhibit of props and costumes from the movie.

"This is a phenomenal film," enthuses Rhys-Davies, who portrays the stout-hearted dwarf Gimli in the film, which opens Dec. 19.

"This is going to make Peter Jackson into that super-league of directors in the world. Everything about this film, in my experience, was superlative."

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