November 6, 2001

News From Around the Web
Matthew Bass

Here's the latest edition of my semi-weekly recap of what's going on in LotR-land here and around the web!

Dark Horizons reports that now that the first film's effects are pretty much done and ready, a lot of the FX technicians from the US who've been working with Jackson's company in New Zealand are now back home and rumour is spreading that Jackson is hoping that if the first film does well enough at the box-office, New Line will throw him some extra cash to re-shoot quite a bit of the second unit work for the next two films to beef up some already impressive footage. (Source: Tolkien Online)

Decipher has posted 142 new pics of their LotR cards. Don't click here unless you're ready for some major spoilers, for example, PJ as a Dwarf!

In Utah, the 20-minute preview -- featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the movie The Fellowship of the Ring and interviews with cast and crew -- will be shown at 1 p.m. this Thursday at Borders Books & Music in Crossroads Plaza, downtown Salt Lake City, and the Media Play in Orem, 130 E. University Parkway. The Borders store will repeat the preview at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, with giveaways and a trivia contest. (Source: Tolkien Online)

New images of Gandalf are available at Fantasy Planet.