November 10, 2001

Review of Cedco's Red Book Journal
Matthew Bass

The folks at Cedco Publishing were nice enough to send me a copy of their newly-published Lord of the Rings-themed journal. I liked the journal so much that I decided to share my thoughts about it with visitors to this site.

This is a very high quality journal. Featuring a faux leather cover and the words "There and Back Again" inscribed on the front, owning this journal is like having your own copy of the Red Book, except that it's blank on the inside so you can write in it. The pages are very beautiful. They're not just plain ol' white, they're more of a parchment color and feature intricate designs and a map of Middle Earth as a watermark background. In addition, a red elastic strap keeps the journal tightly closed when it's not being read or written in.

This is a very fine piece of merchandise and I highly recommend it to you as a personal treat or as a gift to that special Tolkien fan in your life. Purchase one to write in about the movies, or just to display prominently on your bookshelf! At only $12.76 from, such an elegant item is a true steal.

Lord of the Rings Journal (There & Back Again)
Cedco Publishing / Published 2001
Our Price: $12.76 -- You Save: $3.19 (20%)
Description: Faux leather "red book" style cover.