November 27, 2001

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Press Release

~ The end of November greets us here in LA with stormy weather, possibly to forebode the upcoming release of the Ancanar Internet Trailer (but that's just a theory). Also foreboding that particular arrival is the addition of many new Flash features to the site:

~ TRAILER SCORE - The original music to the trailer, composed and performed by Stuart Balcomb, is now online, and the entire two minute clip is downloadable in Quicktime format. Also included are pics from the scoring session and sheet music, and an interview with the composer.

~ INTERACTIVE SCRIPT - Due to popular demand, a new page has been added to the Interactive Script (Flash site only), with clickable hotspots that bring you movie stills, director's notes, production photos and even audio clips.

~ COSTUMES - The Costume page has been completed on the "Immortal" Flash site, with all new images and backstories on the regalia of the film's most popular characters.

The Internet Trailer (clip art included with this email) is currently in the process of being encoded for the net, using the latest in both Apple Quicktime and Sorenson 3 compression (Quicktime codec can be found at

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