December 3, 2001

Tolkien Family Split Over 'Rings' Film
Staff Reporter

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- The heirs of British fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien are split over the "The Lord of the Rings" films, according to a media report on Sunday.

The Independent on Sunday said the late author's eldest son, Christopher, was refusing to speak to his son Simon in a row sparked by the filming of the classic saga.

Christopher Tolkien, 77, the literary executor of the Tolkien estate, declined to help the film's makers and was angered when his son suggested the film was a good idea.

"It was my view that we take a much more positive line on the film and that was overruled by my father," Simon Tolkien, a 42-year-old barrister from west London, told the Independent on Sunday. His father refused to see him or take his telephone calls, he added.

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