December 4, 2001

Govt Announces Plans to Cash In on Rings
Staff Reporter

The Government has announced initiatives costing $875,000 to maximise the benefits for New Zealand from the release of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Lord of the Rings Minister Pete Hodgson said yesterday the further projects would build on those previously announced and New Zealand would be well represented around the world as The Fellowship of the Ring was released over the next few weeks.

The projects announced yesterday include:

  • A screen industry production guide for international use;
  • Promotional videos about New Zealand talent, innovation and creativity;
  • Expanding the Film NZ website;
  • Developing Lord of the Rings themed stands at film trade markets;
  • Workshops in America showcasing New Zealand's post-production and digital effects;
  • Bringing international screen industry decision makers to New Zealand;
  • An exhibition in Los Angeles of Lord of the Rings models and props; and
  • A reception at Oscar time promoting New Zealand as a production location.

Mr Hodgson said the projects would follow up the "initial burst of publicity with a sustained effort to promote New Zealand talent and innovation to the world".

The Government is expecting an economic impact assessment of the its Lord of the Rings strategy by May.