December 8, 2001

New TV Spot During WWF Smackdown
Matt deMille

I apologize for this being 48 hours old, but here's why: Being extremely busy, I videotape my TV shows and watch them days later. Well, after months of disappointment in it's current product, I decided to record WWF SmackDown, and guess what? A new LOTR TV spot. Mostly it's things we have seen before, but some new clips included: 1) The Cave Troll has Frodo literally laid out on a slab (Balin's tomb) and is ready to bash him but Frodo scrambles away, 2) The mysterious shot of Boromir holding the Ring is somewhat explained as there is a clip of the ring on it's chain laying in the snow like it has been dropped and Boromir happens to pick it up (with what looks like Frodo and Aragorn watching from down the hill), 3) Boromir and Frodo talking right before Boromir's madness when he asks "What chance do you think we have?" and Frodo responds with "There is no other way", 4) And, the spot opened with that classic "morphing road" from the first day of filming but had a voice-over of what is clearly the Nazgul calling Frodo's name repeatedly, which doesn't necessarily mean they do so at that moment (hence, "voice-over"), but that the Nazgul DO know and speak Frodo's name, which is an interesting departure from the books. I have it on VHS still, if there is anybody in the Tacoma area who can digitize it.