December 12, 2001

Elijah Wood Interview on Regis
Matthew Bass

Elijah appears to be hitting all of the major television shows today. First, he did an interview with Good Morning America. After that, I was pleased to see him appear on Regis' show as well. An AVI clip of the GMA interview is available at the link above, but I have not yet seen an online video of the Regis interview yet, which is dissapointing, especially since they played a clip from LotR during the interview. I don't have the technology right now to capture the segment for posting on, but here's a description of the scene:

Frodo and the Hobbits are in the woods. It is night. Frodo says, "Sam and I must get to Bree." Merry nods and says, "Buckleberry Ferry!" The hobbits leave the bushes they were hiding in and start to run. A Black Rider appears from between two trees and pursues them. Jumping over a fence and dodging through the trees, the hobbits run to the ferry, with Frodo close behind. Frodo jumps onto the ferry just in time as the Black Rider skids to a halt behind him.

It was a very exciting scene and I look forward to seeing it in the theater in... less than a week now! I can hardly contain my excitement. Anyway, if someone digitizes this segment and uploads it, please do me a favor and let me know.