December 14, 2001

National Geographic's LotR Special
Matthew Bass

Straight to my mailbox from kindhearted Emily at National Geographic TV, here's the scoop on their upcoming Lord of the Rings special:

"National Geographic Beyond the Movie:  The Lord of the Rings" will premiere on National Geographic EXPLORER on MSNBC on Dec. 23 at 8 pm EST.  The program delves deep into the cultural events that influenced Tolkien; the mythology, languages and landscapes he created inspired by ancient cultures and epic stories; and the concept of the quest and its relevance today.

We will also be launching a website to parallel the program,, which will go live next week (mostly likely Dec. 19, but perhaps the 20th).  As soon as the launch date is determined, I'll let you know.  It will offer more in-depth information about the above topics, as well as a discussion forum.

Additionally, AOL will host a web chat (Dec. 20 at 9 pm EST) with Tolkien expert Jane Chance and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence / anthropologist Wade Davis.   AOL members can access this chat under the Research & Learn Adventure Community.

Sounds like "must-see TV" to me!