Electric Artists
December 15, 2001

Join the Ring Quest on Dec. 19th
Press Release

RING QUEST - Participate in helping turn the WWW into one ring on Dec. 19th...and while you're at it, have a chance to win a LOTR special prize pack.

The Mission: To spread the word to get everyone imaginable sending LOTR e-cards on the 19th, so that we get Middle Earth sounds and visions on millions of computers worldwide, up to the point that we crash the server it's housed on!!

The Rewards: The Big Reward is ....we help make a tremendous and beautifully memorable impact that will go down is history!

There is also a LOTR prize pack for 2 lucky winners: LOTR 1st prize pack includes the official LORT ring, the complete set of 6 collectible trading cards, and a LOTR key ring.   2nd prize pack includes a LOTR T-Shirt and complete se of 6 collectible trading cards.

The How-To: RING QUEST Instructions and Rules

1. Copy the following URL that links to the LOTR e-cards: http://www.electricartists.com/lotr/ecards.html

2. Post the link on message boards, public forums, and online clubs within the following online territory: News & Media (Full Coverage, Newspapers, TV...) and Entertainment (Cool Links, Movies, Humor, Music...)*. On your posts at message boards, etc., tell people about the Ring Quest and encourage them to send LOTR e-cards by going to the link (http://www.electricartists.com/lotr/ecards.html ) on the opening day for FOTR - Dec. 19th.

*Online Territory: Go to the News & Media (Full Coverage, Newspapers, TV...) and Entertainment (Cool Links, Movies, Humor, Music...) sections within Yahoo! and post on sites and message boards within these sections.

3. After numerous postings, if you want to be considered for a LOTR prize pack, send an email to lotr_sdtk@electricartists.com . On your email include some of the places you've posted at, and in the subject header type the name of the site where you entered the contest....in this case TOLKIENMOVIES.COM

That's it! Good luck! And remember to send as many e-cards (http://www.electricartists.com/lotr/ecards.html) as you can on the 19th. You can only send to one email address at a time, but it's very quick and easy to do many addresses, one at a time.

If we all put out mouse together, the impact will be HUGE!

Special Bonus!

In celebration of the LOTR: FOTR release, Tower Records is giving us a password for free standard shipping on your order, provided your bag includes a LOTR soundtrack CD. I guess that means you can fill your order with tons of heavy books and CDs and so long as a LOTR soundtrack is there, it's free standard shipping! To get the password, visit: