The Evening Post
December 17, 2001

Star Wars Fans Plead for Peter Jackson
Staff Reporter

May the Peter Jackson be with you! Fans of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy are already pushing for the Miramar-based director to take over the reins of that other big budget special effects movie series - Star Wars.

A petition on the Internet, signed to date by 502 fans, urges Star Wars creator George Lucas to let Jackson direct Episode III of the blockbuster series. The petition is linked to some movie fans being unhappy over The Phantom Menace, released in 1999, despite its box office success.

"In light of recent George Lucas movies, more specifically The Phantom Menace and the soon to be released Attack Of The Clones, we beg thee of Star Wars creation to pass all creative rights to Peter Jackson. This endeavour would not go unnoticed by your loyal Star Wars fanbase who would see the movie repeatedly and buy many action figures and other Star Wars items," the petition reads.

"We ask this of you George Lucas in our most desperate hour of need."