The Evening Post
December 21, 2001

Orc Finds Pot of Gold
Staff Reporter

A New Zealand extra in The Lord Of The Rings has boasted to a British tabloid newspaper how he and others smoked cannabis every day during shooting of the film trilogy.

The Sun yesterday published an interview with 40-year-old Nathan Crombie who plays an orc in the second and third Rings films.

Headlined "My drugs hobbit", the interview quotes Crombie as saying that he and other extras would sneak away between takes and smoke joints filled with "thunderweed" at the top of a tower on the set.

"It made it more difficult for people to catch us as they couldn't smell it. We'd have been kicked out of the job if they had."

But the article states that Crombie never saw any of the trilogy's stars getting high.

"New Zealand has some of the strongest grass in the world. Thunderweed blows your mind away."