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December 24, 2001

101 Observations from FotR
Paul Davidson

Warning: this article contains heavy spoilers for those who haven't seen the Fellowship of the Rings film nor read the book.

Yesterday, I asked those fans who had already seen the Fellowship of the Rings film to write in describing special things they caught during the movie and other moments they thought were particularly notable. The response was overwhelming; and what's more, nearly everyone (there was a single exception) raved about what a great experience the movie was.

Everyone had a different part that really struck them in a deep way. Interestingly, Legolas seems to be the most popular member of the Fellowship many readers raved about how much he rocked. Readers also sympathized with Boromir and were impressed by the power of Galadriel. As for bad guys, Saruman was great, but the Balrog really took the cake.

So if I haven't mentioned anyone's input, my apologies; but what I'm including here is a good sampling of the e-mail I received. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write!

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