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February 7, 2002

Movie vs. Books
A Rag's Horn

I've taken back my copy of FOTR and began to read it over again. I spotted _lots_ of differences with the movie... in the room where Balīn was buried for instance (btw, Brett C. is right, if Gandalf's carrying Glamdring, it doesn't glow!).
But in the end, (maybe I should feel ashamed telling that), I'm not as transported as I used to be, and... I end up finding the movie better...

I truly think both are sort of complementary. And even though there is stuff in the movie that should have caught up better with the book, some modifications were made for the good. I was horrified last night, sitting on the sofa; as the fellowship runs out of Moria, many of them just kinda sit down crying. Aragorn then says: "So long Gandalf. I told you we should not have blah blah blah"...

I TOLD YOU ???? what kind of a hero is that?? The wizard, his friend since ages, the leader of the fellowship has fallen and what does he say? "I told you!"
This is a villain's mediocre triumph, not words from a king!
Hope I can forget this to just remember how good this book is!
And, Brett C., the balrog _has_ wings. :-)

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