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There are, of course, many other people who are fanatic about The Lord of the Rings in general, and the movie trilogy in specific. We have tried to gather here as many links as possible to pages concerned with both topics.

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The Movie

A Guide to Middle-earth
No description available.

Ain't It Cool News
As Elladan is to Elrohir, so is Harry Knowles' site the perfect companion to Dark Horizons.

Box Office Mojo's FotR Stats
Box office statistics for The Lord of the Rings. Very complete and accurate with data updated on a daily basis.

Dark Horizons
Reputedly one of the best resources on the Internet for finding out about movies before the rest of the public does. Highly recommended.

El Anillo Unico
A good Spanish site for general Tolkien information.

Film New Zealand
This is the official site for New Zealand film-making. Most of the info is about Lord of the Rings because it's their largest production ever.

Images of the Ring
A compliation of images from the film trilogy.

Journey of the Ring
Information on touring filming sites in New Zealand.

Lord of the Peeps
Entropy House Productions brings to the big screen epic adventure as it has never been presented before.

Lord of the Rings Fantasy World
Devoted to Tolkien's books and movie, allows to build a personal fan page. Chat rooms and forum for The Lord of the Rings fans available.

Lord of the Rings Movie Links
Lots of great links. Very complete.

Lord of the Rings: A Visual Journey
Photos organized by character and category, as well as a unique collection of excerpts from Tolkien's poetry.

Official LotR Fan Club
This site for the official Rings fan club has lots of cool stuff, including info on how you can be listed in LotR's credits!

Official LotR Movie Site
This is the official web site from New Line Cinema. Featuring inside information on the making of the films.

Over Hill and Under Hill
A Rings fan site featuring a voting booth, movie news, images, and an overview of the film itself. Great stuff.

Planet Tolkien
Another all-in-one site similar to the Tolkien Archives.

This site is dedicated to the new movies. News, a message board, pictures, and much more await the curious Tolkien fan.

Dedicated to the upcoming films, this site features the latest news, pictures, scoops and links. Runs some interesting polls.

Secrets of the Ring
Discover the artistic inspirations behind Rings.

Shadow of the Ring
No description available.

The Art of the Rings
A unique look at the visual impact of the films.

The Heat & Mel Movie Site
Movie news and a Rings story spoof.

The Hobbit Movie
Reports on the filming of The Hobbit and gives information on places and persons of the story.

The Lord of the Rings Caption Page
Hundreds of captions to the Lord of the Rings Movies. Updated weekly.

The Mines of Moria
Another LotR movie news site. Updated daily.

The Old Forest
A very well-designed site featuring general information on Tolkien and his books, as well as data on the upcoming films.

The Patriot Resource: The Lord of the Rings
No description available.

The Return of the King Picture Gallery
No description available.

The Tolkien Sewer
This is the LotR offshoot from the folks at CHUD.

The Unofficial Fellowship Site
A nice little site with a pleasant design and lots of movie news, multimedia files, and other great information.
A nice general info site, which also has movie news.

Tolkien Online
This site hosts the official countdown clock to the new movies. Lots of up-to-date movie news, a message board, and much more.

Tolkien's Arda
The largest Internet resource for Swedish Tolkien fans.

War of the Ring
Movie site similar to Herr Der Ringe, but in English!

Wiffyboy's Web Site
Site about Lord of the Rings and other films.

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