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February 7, 2002

Re: The Uruk-hai

I kind of see Lurtz as the Darth Maul of LOTR - a big, scary, nasty bad guy whose only purpose in the story is to kill off one of the good guys and provide a climactic fight scene at the end of the flick (not that that's neccesarily a bad thing). The only difference is that Lurtz didn't come with all the promotional hype that Darth Maul did (I hadn't heard anything about him before seeing him in the movie) and therefore he wasn't the gigantic anti-climax that the Sith Lord turned out to be.

And while we're on the subject - in the book we only hear about Boromir's fight with the Orcs after the fact, but in the movie we see it happen. Does this mean that we'll actually get to SEE the Ents attacking Isengard when the Two Towers comes out? Oh, I hope so...

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