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February 6, 2002

And the Winner Is...
Brett C.

Firstly thanks to Rag's Horn for keeping an eye out with the Anduril thing. I'm pretty sure the one Gandalf carries in Moria is Glamdring, to judge by the promotional material and even the LOTR boardgame released by Hasbro with art by John Howe, fresh from doing the movie with PJ.

I've seen Fellowhip 6 times now, and I'm enjoying it as much every single time. However, for those who still wish to find fault let me present for you, one Tolkien freak to another, the ULTIMATE TOP 10 NITPICKS FOR 'THE FELLOWHIP OF THE RING'!

Counting down from

#10. In the movie, the Argonath each hold up their landward arms, and Tol Brandir sits behind flanking hills at the end of the lake near the falls. In the book the Argonath each holds up their left hand, and Tol Brandir is in the middle of the lake. UNBELEIVABLE!

#9. In the movie, Barliman has thick red hair, but in the books, he is bald. WHAT'S GOING ON!?

#8. In the movie only Sting glows when the orcs are around, whereas in the book Gandalf's sword Glamdring, also an Elvish blade, lights up as well. WHAT A JIP!

#7. In the movie Gimli wears a helmet from Rivendell, while in the book he doesn't get one until reaching Edoras and being kitted out by Theoden. SACRELIDGE!

#6. On the subject of headgear, in the movie all the Nazgul wear crowns, wheareas in the novel only the WitchKing has a crown, worn over the top of the silver helm he has along with his compamions. CAN YOU BELEIVE IT?!!

#5. In Moria, in the movie, Gimli is dragged from the gates by Boromir, but in the book he's dragged from Balin's tomb by Legolas. UNCONSCIENABLE!

#4. Speaking of Legolas, he has blonde hair in the movie, but Tolkien specifically states that only Elves of the house of Finarfin had golden hair, a legacy of their blood descendancy from Indis of the Vanyar [the fair elves in the Blessed Realm] HAVE THEY NO SHAME?

#3. In the movie, Saruman confronts Gandalf armed with his black staff, but in the novel he is described as wearing a ring on his finger as well. Not to mention his robes of shifting colour. IT'S MADNESS, I TELL YOU!!!

#2. Elijah Wood is absolutley the definitive Frodo, but where, WHERE is the cleft in his chin by which Gandalf describes him to Barliman Butterbur? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!

And the #1 Ultimate Nitpick for "The Fellowship of the Ring" movie.....

Balrogs don't have wings. Sorry, they just don't.

Love the movie, PJ rules, will see it for 7th time soon.

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