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February 1, 2002

Narsil and Anduril
A Rag's Horn

Back from my 4th viewing last night. It doesn't get any worse does it? :-)
I paid extra attention to the swords after reading your comments about Narsil not being picked up by Aragorn in Rivendell...

Have you guys checked carefully Gandalf's sword? We don't get to see it that often, nor that well, but before they enter Moria, after unsuccessfully trying to open the door, Gandalf goes to a rock to sit down, a bit desperate. At this very moment, the sword's handle appears (from afar and for about 0.00005 seconds). I'm not quite sure, but it might have been the one (even though Arwen bringing it with her in TTT would be easier to believe).

Observations welcome...

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